130 William – Best Finishes in 2021

Brand New Building | 66 Stories | 244 Units | Spring 2021 Closing

130 William is the highest quality new building I’ve seen in the last few years – and I’m always selling new homes in New York. It’s an all-star team, from the developer, architect and interior design to the engineering team, and the finished product is amazing. Anyone who has experience in New York real estate will find that the quality of homes built in New York is not very good, and even for homes over $5 million, there are often many problems, including interior finishes. On the contrary, the quality of 130 William is amazing to me. From Sales Office to renderings to actual walkthrough & inspection and delivery, I personally am very satisfied with the quality of the developer Lightstone.

1 bedroom Price: from 1.3 million
2 bedroom Price: 1.9 million
3 room price: from 2.8 million
4 bedroom price: from 5.4 million

Basic information

Brand new building
66 floors
244 units
Spring 2021 Delivery in progress
Most of the units are 1 to 3 bedrooms (and very few studios)

Architect Introduction

130 William was developed by Lightstone and designed by award-winning visionary architect Sir David Adjaye. Adjaye was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2017 and is internationally recognized as one of the most creative designers in contemporary architecture. His firm’s diverse portfolio ranges from libraries and university campuses to private residences and special residential projects. The firm’s largest U.S. commission to date – and arguably the most prestigious new building in the country – is the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Recently, Adjaye was announced as the recipient of the 2021 Royal Society of British Architects Royal Gold Medal. Approved by Her Majesty the Queen herself, the Royal Gold Medal is considered one of the highest honors in British architecture for significant contributions to the field on an international scale. In collaboration with Hill West Architects, Adjaye & Associates has created a complex and expressive design that will redefine the skyline of Lower Manhattan.

Canaan architect Sir David Adjaye is internationally known as one of the most creative leaders in contemporary architecture. His firm was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2017, and his diverse portfolio ranges from university campuses and libraries to private residences and special residential projects. Each of his buildings captures both the moment and its unique historical context. While far-reaching and wide-ranging, all of Adjaye’s work has a sense of openness and curiosity as he interweaves diverse elements of inspiration – from culture to technology and science – into his designs.


The building is large, so the facilities are very good, but the advantage is that most of the units are medium to large, so although the building is 66 stories high, there are not many units.

High-end gym
Basketball court
Pilates and yoga room
Heated swimming pool
Sauna + Jacuzzi + Steam Room + Private Treatment Room
Business Room + Meeting Room + Leapfrog Double-height Multipurpose Room + Outward Bound Kitchen
Children’s Playroom
Pet Spa Room
Bicycle storage room
Indoor Washer and Dryer + Laundry Room
Parcel Room + Refrigerator + Doorman + Elevator + Parking + Storage Room etc…


130 William is located in the Financial District, also known as Lower Manhattan. Today’s Financial District is actually very different from the Financial District of the past. The Financial District we used to know was basically deserted at night because it was mainly office buildings. We have observed an increasing number of residential atmospheres and residential related businesses moving in. For buyers who want a more residential environment, they may want to consider other areas. I think 130 William is an average location compared to other new buildings, and its east side is not really a prime location, but the upside is that the views are going to be very difficult to block and I think it’s a good choice from an investment perspective.

Personally, I think the east side and southeast 40+ floors of this house are the preferred orientation because only the southeast 40+ floors have a unique water view.

The building is conveniently located next to 6 subway lines (2, 3, A, C, J, Z), and I think there is room for improvement in the environment compared to other areas.


The view is one of the highlights of 130 William. I would recommend the east-facing and south-facing water view rooms first, then the north side, and finally the west side.

Please refer to the photos for detailed landscape photos.

House type and interior

Overall, the interior and layout of the building are very good, and the most distinctive feature is definitely their arched window design. The interior is designed with stone tones and materials, and the layout is very square and simple. The designers and the development team are very attentive to the small details, and I have to say that the Lightstone developers decided to pursue quality work when they were willing to pay for architect Sir David Adjaye to design.

The equipment and materials come with custom-made Pedini Italian grain blackened oak cabinets, Salvatori
Pietra Cardosa marble countertops and backsplash, hand-selected from the Tuscan Apuan Alps, and advanced appliances from Gaggenau and Thermador. The height of the house is considered to be around 10 feet as is commonly seen in good houses these days (varies depending on the floor)


Convenient transportation
Good view from the 30th floor
Overall building design, amenities and interior design are well thought out
Excellent construction team/very high quality of building and interior
The surrounding living environment continues to improve
Landmark building – very popular with local tenants and others
Very high demand in the rental market (high return on investment)

Neighborhood could be better (a common problem in most parts of Manhattan)


For buyers who want a more residential environment, they may want to consider other areas, but from an investment standpoint I think it’s a good choice.
Ideal for students at PACE, Parsons, NYU, Baruch, SVA, FIT, etc. Downtown and Brooklyn schools.
Suitable for working people in Midtown and Downtown.

Overall I think 130 William is a project with very few landmines, no matter the quality of the house or the overall design and planning are definitely the top class in recent years, and his rental demand and the developer’s insistence on price/bargaining also protects all homeowners/owners.

Jerry Wang 王傳詠

Jerry Wang 王傳詠

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