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Hi! I am Jerry Wang, I am fluent in English and Chinese and specialize in high end condo sales and rentals with over 10 years of real estate sales and development experience. I have sold tens of millions of dollars of real estate in the short duration.

Born in Taiwan and having arrived in New York at the age of 13, I am well versed in the local New York City real estate market and am very familiar with Asian values and work ethics. Fortunately, my professionalism and service attitude has won me many clients’ attention, and that is why I have been able to stand out in the highly competitive New York real estate market with numerous awards.

For four years, I won the 2016 Gold Award, the 2017 Platinum Award, and the 2018 and 2019 Diamond Awards at Douglas Elliman, the largest real estate firm in New York.

Each client’s situation is different, so I make it a habit to communicate with them first to understand their needs and then develop the best plan and services to achieve the best results.

When working with buyers, I like to promote the attitude of don’t overdo it unless there is a property that I am really happy with, so I recommend looking at more options and not worrying too much. When working with sellers, I recommend different types of advertising and pricing strategies for different segments of the market.

Unlike other companies, I focus on quality service, and real estate is not just about the end of the transaction, post-sales service includes many things, and depending on the needs of the client, I try to make the entire transaction and process as smooth as possible.

Whether you have a real estate need or any questions, I am happy to help you.


Fact Real Estate

Fact Real Estate was founded in New York City to better serve real estate clients.

While Jerry was still with other large New York real estate brokerage firms, he found that most of them were not serving their clients well. The main reason was that they did not have the resources of an agency and lacked customer support. This phenomenon has resulted in many agents failing to provide quality services to their clients, including the services we have mentioned in our past success stories.

After years of experience in the industry, Jerry decided to start Fact Real Estate to better serve clients with a variety of real estate needs and to become the best boutique New York City real estate brokerage firm.

Fact Real Estate was named after Jerry’s realization that most real estate agencies in New York City do not tell their clients everything they need to know about the neighborhood, whether there is a new home in the future, sales rates, neighborhood prices, rental rates, etc. The name Fact Real Estate was created to provide clients with transparent and accurate information in addition to high quality service.

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