Referral Program

Most NYC real estate deals pay 2.5% to 4% broker commission to each party.

When your client buys or sells, you can receive up to 50% referral fee!

Transparent Fee Structure

Under $1M
$1M - $3M
$3M - $10M

Why Work With Us?

Track Record

We have over 10 years of experience and over a billion in sales and development experiences worldwide.


Our multilingual team consists of experienced and diverse agents, architects, CPAs and attorneys.


We provide a transparent deal process and experience for clients and partners.


We 'are proud to receive full mark reviews from our clients and customers.

Partners and Collaborators

Over the years, we have worked with multiple referral partners locally and internationally. Additionally, we deal with fellow REBNY members on daily basis to deliver the best results.


We will need to sign an referral agreement.

The agreement will include your name, our company name and the coverage period (24 months).

The client’s names and contact information will need to be provided after signing.

According to the regulations in New York State, we are allowed to pay referral fees to eligible companies and individuals.

Referral fee will be paid one week after closing. To process the referral commission, we will need a referral invoice from you.

The referral fee structure will be based on the sales price and the broker commission.

If requested, we are happy to provide proof of commission receipt.

If the client has more than 1 deal, we are happy to continue paying the referral fee.

Each referral is good for 24 months. If there are additional deals, we are also open to extending the agreement duration.

There is no limit to the referral fee payout. For example, Central Park Tower’s Penthouse is the most expensive listing in NYC at $250,000,000.

The buyer’s broker’s commission is 5%.

In other words, the deal could net $6,250,000 in referral fee!

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